HES offers cost effective, non-destructive, fast and safe Hydro Vac Excavation to multiple fields and clients. HES proudly serves, but not limited to, the following clients.

We provide the daylighting (exposing the utility) so directional boring can proceed safely.
We assist in point repairs in congested areas where mechanical equipment just cannot fit.
Oil and Gas Industry:
Hydro Excavation is required by the plant and/or pipeline because it is the safest way to excavate. HES offers superior knowledge in this field with 25 years of experience.
Industrial Construction:
We will provide slot trenching around the perimeter of the excavation site to reveal if any process piping or utilities are in that are.
Electrical and Mechanical Industries:
In the wrong hands at the right time, even a shovel can be dangerous. Let HES hydro trench safely and quickly for you.
Utility Providers:
HES will excavate your pole hole safely in a matter of minutes.
Commercial Construction:
HES will work in conjunction with other contractors to safely verify all utility markings, and excavate in high traffic subsurface utility areas.
Foundation Repair:
Mechanical equipment sometimes cannot fit back in areas where excavations need to take place. Hydro Excavation can be remote up to 300 feet away from the truck.
Engineering Firms:
Hydro Excavation is used to gather data on the exact location of the subsurface utilities early in the development of projects.
Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) combines civil engineering, surveying, and geophysics, Hydro Excavation is used to locate utilities to prevent unnecessary utility relocation, construction delays, and unexpected encounters with underground utilities.