Hydro Vac Excavation Services, LLC was founded with a vision that Hydro Excavation Services truly help companies, governmental agencies and contractors save money and more importantly - Improve Safety.

The Hydro Vac Excavation Services, LLC mission is to provide the highest level of hydro excavation services industry wide, resulting in recognition as the leader and preferred contractor based upon  achievement and customer satisfaction.

Through skill, proficiency, integrity and responsibility, Hydro Vac Excavation Services is committed to delivering unparalleled service and industry solutions-with the highest priority on safety.

Through each project, Hydro Vac Excavation Services is committed to exceeding our client's highest expectations-fully understanding timelines, safety requirements, budget constraints and overall objectives.

When you have excavation needs, utilize and plan with the safety professionals at HES.

HES provides non-destructive Hydro Vac Excavation for multiple services and fields. View Services for more info.

HES uses a high pressure water system to quickly and cleanly break up soil and rock, turning it into a slurry mixture, and removing the slurry debris with a vacuum system to a debris tank on the truck.

This non-destructive method:

  • Eliminates risk of damage to underground utilities by safely day-lighting, or exposing the utility to be dug around.
  • Eliminates costly repairs and delays due to damage of underground utilities.
  • Eliminates the risk of damaging and costly repairs and delays to unmarked underground utilities.
  • Eliminates risk of injury or death to personnel.


Marshalltown Business Offers Innovative Technology

A Marshalltown business has invested $400,000 in state-of-the-art equipment designed to make excavating buried utilities safer, accurate and cost effective.
Mark Stevens, of Marshalltown, opened Hydrovac Excavation Services, LLC in January and recently purchased a Hydro-Excavator, a large, multi-purpose truck.

It works this way: Pressurized water and air are used to simultaneously excavate and remove soil at a controlled rate.
"The soil and water slurry are picked up by an 8-inch tube to a truck-mounted debris tank," Stevens said.
"The process allows for quick, clean, and precise removal of soil which requires less backfill, less labor force, less restoration and less environmental impact than conventional digging methods."

A controlled flow water stream allows for surgeon-like accuracy. With 25 years experience in the trenching business, Stevens knows that traditional methods for excavating around buried utilities calls for shortcuts, specifically, workers using shovels digging out and around the utility lines, and sometimes descending into trenches to do more excavation.

"Workers using shovels have damaged utility lines," Stevens said. "And more often than not, such incidents results in serious injury and sometimes death. More than 40 percent of pipeline system leaks and ruptures are caused by damage from an outside force. Hydro-excavation is a safe and efficient way to avoid accidental line damage and trench cave-ins."